Vero Beach, Florida

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"There are no words to express how grateful we are to have found Crystal to tutor our son.  She has made a substantial positive impact on our son's academic success.  With her expertise in the Wilson Reading Method, our son has made tremendous gains in his reading fluency, accuracy, and comprehension.  Crystal is not only knowledgeable and effective in implementing the Wilson Reading method, but she utilizes it to meet the individual needs of our son.  Crystal is kind, patient, flexible, and goes above and beyond to make the lessons interesting for him and to ensure we are informed of his progress."

Parent of a 5th Grader

"Ms. Crystal makes learning fun!  Whenever we do our lesson, time just flies by.  I love working with her.  She has helped me feel better about reading, spelling, and school overall."

4th Grade Student

"Crystal really understands how our daughter learns.  She is patient, kind and personable.  She is always available to support us in every possible way with our daughter's educational needs.  We are blessed to have her on our team!"

Parent of a 2nd Grader

"Ms. Crystal has been working with our son for over a year and a half.  When we first began working with her, our son was reading two grade levels below his school's expectation.  In this short amount of time, he is now reading at grade level - fluently and is understanding everything he reads.  These gains and the belief he now has in himself and his academic ability cannot be more worth this investment.  You will not be disappointed."

Parent of a 4th Grader

"Ms. Crystal is an excellent tutor, she is smart, patient, nice and overall one of the best teachers I have ever had.  It's because of her that I have confidence now when I read aloud and that I am able to believe in my success."

Middle School Student